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History -Modern India

History -  Modern India

1. “Brahmo Samaj” founded by Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 1828.
2. Brahmo Samaj in 1866 divided into “Brahmo Samaj” of India headed by Keshav Chandra Sen and “Adi Brahmo Samaj” by Devandranath Tagore.
3. “Prarthana Sabha” founded by justice M.G. Ranade.
4. “Arya Samaj” founded by Swami Dayanda Saraswati in 1875.
5. “Ramkrishna Mission” founded by Vivekanand in 1897.
6. “The Aligarh Movement” started by Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan. He founded Aligarh School in 1875, which transferred into Anglo Oriental College in 1877.
7. The first news paper started in India by James A Hickey.
8. “The Indian National Congress” founded by AO Hume in 1885.
9. First session of INC in Bombay under WC Bannerjee in 1885.
10. Surat session of INC in 1907, divided INC into two part-The extremists (led by Bal, Pal and Lal) and The moderates (led by GK Gokhale)
11. “Lucknow Pact (1916)” signed between Congress and Muslim League.
12. “Muslim League” founded under the leadership of Aga Khan, Nawab Salimullah of Dhaka and Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk in 1906.
13. “Home Rule Movement” started by BG Tilak (April, 1916) at Poona and Annie Besant, S. Subramania Iyer at Adyar, near Madras.
14. “Khilafat Movement (1920)” started by two brothers, Mohd Ali and Shaukat Ali.
15. “Non-Cooperation Movement (1920)” first mass-based political movement under Gandhiji.
16. “Swaraj Party” formed by Motilal Nehru, CR Das and NC Kelkar on January 1, 1923.
17. “Simon Commission (1927)” constituted under John Simon to review the political situation in India and to introduce further reforms.
18. “Bardoli Movement (1928)” was a movement against payment of land tax, led by Vallabh Bhai Patel. He got the name of “Sardar” from here.
19. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was the first home minister of India.
20. “Dandi March (1930)” along with 78 followers, Gandhiji started his march from Sabarmati Ashram on March 12, 1930 for the small village Dandi to break the salt law. (Civil Disobedience Movement).
21. “The Communal Award (1932)” announced by Ramsay McDonald on August 16, 1932.
22.  “The Quit India Movement” was passed on August 8, 1942, at Bombay. Gandhiji gave the slogan “Do or Die”.
23.  The Indian National Army two head quarters were Rangoon and Singapore.
24.  “The Cabinet Mission Plan (1946)” was comprising of Lord Pethick Lawrence as chairman, Sir Stafford Cripps and AV Alexander.
25. Dadabhai Naoroji was known as the “Grand Old Man of India”.


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