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Q1.Who among the following Gupta kings had another name Devagupta?
(a) Chandragupta I
(b) Samudragupta
(c) Chandragupta II
(d) Kumargupta
S1. Ans.(C)

Q2.The Kirti-Stambha at Chittor was built by
(a) Rana Sanga
(b) Rana Kumbha
(c) Rana Pratap
(d) Rana Udaisingh
S2. Ans.(b)

Q3.Harsha’s military expansion in the Deccan was checked by
(a) Mahendravarman
(b) Dantidurga
(c) Rajendra
(d) Pulkesin II
S3. Ans.(d)

Q4.Which dynasty constructed the Ellora Kailash Temple?
(a) Rashtrakuta
(b) Satvahan
(c) Maurya
(d) Pulkasya
S4. Ans.(a)

Q5.The Lingaraja Temple built during the medieval period is at
(a) Bhubaneswar
(b) Khajuraho
(c) Madurai
(d) Mount Abu
S5. Ans.(a)

Q6.Who wrote the ‘Harshacharita’?
(a) Kalidasa
(b) Banabhatta
(c) Vishnugupta
(d) Parimalgupta
S6. Ans.(b)

Q7.Which one of the following Chola kings conquered Ceylon (Sinhal) first ?
(a) Aditya I
(b) Rajaraja I
(c) Rajendra
(d) Vijayalaya
S7. Ans.(b)

Q8.The Seven Pagodas of Mahabalipuram are a witness to the art patronised by the
(a) Pallavas
(b) Pandyas
(c) Cholas
(d) Cheras
S8. Ans.(a)

Q9. At which of the following places is the famous Kailasha Temple located?
(a) Ajanta
(b) Badami
(c) Chittor
(d) Ellora
S9. Ans.(d)

Q10.The Battle of chausa was faught in?
S10. Ans.(a)

Q11.Who founded Agra?
(a) Iltutmish
(b) Firoz Tughlaq
(c) Sikander Lodhi
(d) Ibrahim Lodhi
S11. Ans.(c)

Q12. Ibn Battuta visited India during the reign of
(a) Jalaluddin Firoz Shah
(b) Alauddin Khilji
(c) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
(d) Muhammad Bin Tughlaq
S12. Ans.(d)

Q13."Rehla" was written by?
(a) Ibn Battuta
(b) kalidas
(c) Nikoli konti
(d) none of these
S13. Ans.(a)

Q14."My country my life" is written by ?
(a) Lal Krishn Advani
(b) Shobha Day
(c) Arundhati Bhattacharya
(d) none of these
S14. Ans.(a)

Q15.The war of HALDIGHATI was faught in?
S15. Ans.(b)

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